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PASEO Transporter(TM) is a comprehensive niche software solution for the complete management of bookings, fleet dispatching, and back-office accounting.  Our proven solution is extended thru various APIs yet fully customizable to meet any requirement.​


PASEO Transporter meets with and manages your travel and transportation ground operations, where data from booking engines, DMCs and other travel, tour, and transportation service providers end while bridging the gaps seamlessly.

Ver 4.6 is the culmination of almost two decades of travel & transportation management expertise. 



Montego Bay, Jamaica

From the initial presentation I was totally sold. Since that time, PASEO has evolved tremendously and continues to meet our customized needs. The flexibility of the developer, the many filters and reporting options makes our operations smarter and more efficient.

Jae Garnder, GM

Powerful, Data Rich, Yet Simple

PASEO comes ready to meet all your passenger, driver, tour guide and other traveler logistics with a seamless interface to your preferred messaging channel.  Send driver dispatches, passenger alerts and flight updates from one integrated solution.

Comprehensive, Yet Logical

INTEGRATE, Import, book, dispatch then create a professional, customizable and fully branded agency, wholesaler or customer invoices, receipts, confirmations, quotations, vouchers, all done accurately and in record time.  Now do this for a wide range of passenger and/or travel and transportation services, then bill just the way you or your agency requires it, in and in any currency, instantly.

Yes, we fully support cruise ship passenger transportation logistics

PASEO manages passengers movements for air, land and also water-based activities and/or locations including cruise ship terminals, tracking every detail, fully integrated into dispatching and invoicing modules.

PASEO Features

PASEO Impacts passenger service excellence for a wide-range of customers

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

PASEO is improving every day, rising to meet the challenges and diversity of its expanding clientele.  The above is a small excerpt from the extensive list of features available in the system.    We listen, we learn, we deliver fully tested solutions based on user feedback and proven business practices while striking a balance with our core philosophy and development methodologies.

Standard Features Highlights

  • Agency/Wholesaler Contract Pricing

  • Public Customer & Web Pricing Options

  • Adult, Child & Infant/Seniors Pricing

  • Children & Infant Pricing Rules

  • Pricing By Activity, Zone, Language Etc.

  • Pricing by Pax Qnty, Service Level, Zones

  • Custom Location & Zone Management

  • Fleet, Driver & Guide Integration

  • Hired Driver & Guide Rate Management

  • Rate Sharing by Multiple Agencies

  • Agency Sub-Accounts & CRM Connect

  • Unlimited Dispatch Options

  • Commercial Flights Integration

  • Cruise Ship Data Integration

  • PDF, Email & Excel Integration

  • Instant Rep Manifest Generation

  • Billing & Payments Processing

  • Multi-Currency Support

  • Extensive System Security Profiles

  • Scheduled Activities

  • Supports Multi-Day & Property Excursions

  • Dedicated Tour, Aiport Desks

  • Supports Shared Shuttles

Optional Features Highlghts

  • Data Integration API

  • Data Integration via Templates

  • SMS Messaging

  • WhatsApp Messaging

  • Telegram Messaging

  • SMS Mobile Vendor Management

  • Active Driver Flight SMS Alerts

  • PASEOShare Dispatch Sharing

  • Hotel Guest Activity Reporting

  • Sales Reps & Commissions

  • Extended Fleet Management

  • Vendor/Concessionaire Integration

  • Voucher Generation & Management

  • Credit Card Processing

  • Custom Invoice Formats

  • Automated Dispatching​

  • Subsidiary Company Integration

Extended Features Highlights

  • Web Site Traffic Integration

  • Mobile Application for Drivers

  • Mobile Application for Management

  • PASEO Web & Mobile Version

  • Integration with Quickbooks/Peachtree

  • Training Mode

  • OffSite Data Synchronizations

  • Hosted Solutions vs On-Premises

  • Integrated Vehicle Tracking

  • Integration to Google API for Availability

  • Advanced Scheduling Visuals

  • Car Rental Module

  • Hotel / Accommodation Module

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